Spot On Media provides High-End Creative Production for Small Businesses, Ad Agencies and Fortune 500 Companies. We will work with you to produce a TV ad, Web Video, Infomercial or Corporate Video that is simply SPOT ON!


Production Services:

  • Scripting & Development
  • TV Commercials, Infomercials, Web Videos, Corporate Videos
  • 3D Animations & Motion Graphics
  • Airtime on Television, Radio, Print, Web
  • Spot On Media provides an Award-Winning Creative Team to produce a one-of-a-kind commercial that will generate results!
  • You get access to World-Class Call Centers, Media Buyers and Online Distributors! Spot On Media is your one-stop-shop for all your Television Advertising Needs.

    When we take on a project we like to do things thoroughly - this means we follow a set of tasks to make things lovely.

    Firstly we really get to know the concept. This means talking to you, asking you difficult questions and throwing out some ideas along the way. Together we turn the brief into a story that allows us to get started on how the users will interact on the site. This stage includes creating a site map and a set of user journeys to support the next part of the process...


    Spot On Media utilizes the latest cutting-edge technology to streamline workflow and deliver stunning picture quality, dazzling VFX and 3D graphics to your project.

    Our artists have a palette of powerful creative tools which include After Effects, Maya, Lightwave, Avid, Final Cut and Premiere Pro.

    We also use the RED EPIC, a digital cinema machine capable of producing mind-blowing 5K images. The RED offers the imaging power to make the leap from shooting HD to creating gorgeous feature films such as Pirates of The Caribbean, The Amazing Spiderman and The Hobbit and many more.


    In the book Breakpoint & Beyond, the authors conducted an experiment in which they asked how many ways a paperclip could be used. Adults could think of 10-15 uses, whereas Children, 5 years and younger, came up with over 200 uses!

    At Spot On Media, you could say we have remained children, at least when it comes to thinking up a storm of ideas for our clients.

    So how many ways can you think of to use a paperclip? You donít have to.


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