Commercial Shoot at Fire Station 27!

Last week, Spot On Media shot a commercial for Life Alert at a Los Angeles fire station. The cast and crew had a blast. Not only were some of us lucky enough to ride in one of their trucks, but we also got to slide down the fire station pole.

Spot On Media LA
A view from the back of one of the very impressive fire trucks at the Fire Station in Hollywood.
Spot On Media | Commercial Production for Life Alert
Hanging up your coat after a day’s work
Spot On Media | Commercial Production for Life Alert
Our actors taking a snack break from saving lives.

The scenes we shot portrayed the everyday heroism of firefighters who are always available and ready to keep us safe.

Spot On Media | Commercial Production for Life Alert
Shooting a scene in which firemen respond to a Life Alert pendant alarm to help a woman that has fallen.

It’s always fun to film a commercial in new and exciting locations, and our cast and crew had a wonderful time working in a new environment and learning from real life firemen about what it takes to save lives.

Our beautiful cast and crew at Fire Station 27 in Hollywood!

And if any of us “fell and couldn’t get up,” at least we were at the best place for that.

A very special THANK YOU to the Los Angeles Fire Department for their help!

Make sure to keep an eye out for our Life Alert commercial, coming soon!

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