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Artificial Sweetener: A Look Inside

On October 19, 2014  Spot On Media finished production on “Artificial Sweetener”, a short film exploring the complicated aspects of human relationships in the digital age. Taking place in a coffee shop, the film follows a young woman, Mikayla, whose own insecurities create the backdrop for her discomfort and paranoia about the people around her, specifically one individual, who might be a danger to everyone in the coffee shop.

On the set of ‘Artificial Sweetener’ with Kara Schaaf


Our DP, Graham Robbins, doing his thing.

In today’s world of mass digitized content and fast information, it’s becoming more and more difficult to slow down. Studies and experts continue to question the impact the vast and accelerated digital sphere has on our ability to pay attention and nurture human relationships in real time.

Kassie Thornton, one of the actresses on ‘Artificial Sweetener’

“Artificial Sweetener” explores the many aspects of digital culture and its implications on our perception of the presence of others around us.  Italian theorist Franco Berardi whose work explores the effects of digital world on the human psyche, argues the presence of something he calls ‘cybertime’ which, unlike cyberspace, is not infinite and fast because it’s connected to the human body and therefore has limits. Cybertime is the time it takes for us to elaborate the infinite acceleration of information in cyberspace. The gap between the two creates anxious need, on the part of the individual, to keep up with the digital world and the rift it creates on our perceptions of ‘the other’.

“Artificial Sweetener”, it can be argued, deals with this disconnect, it deals with the modern human, individuals whose life is now intertwined with a realm of endless and fast information. The film aims at examining the state of human contact in 2015 and explores the disconnect between cybertime and cyberspace, it attempts to uncover what exists in the space between our social media page and our physical existence.


Keep an eye out for “Artificial Sweetener” and don’t forget to visit for updates on the film and various other projects we are working on.


Written by Ani Tatintsyan and Danny Simonzad
Directed by Danny Simonzad
Produced by: Danny Simonzad & Shervin Youssefian
Starring; Kara Schaaf, Christian Vincent, Kassie Thornton, Holgie Dome, and John Fowler.
Production Company: Spot On Media

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Creating a promo for Mockingjay

Spot On Media had the privilege to be a part of the action film saga that has taken Hollywood by storm. Mocking Jay: Part 1 is the third film in the Hunger Games trilogy and it is bigger and better and more epic than its predecessors.

Lionsgate came to Spot On Media to do the post-production
on a few hard-hitting promotional videos for Mockingjay.
“This film was filled to the rim with action,  dazzling
special effects and a star-studded cast. Generally,
our challenge is not having enough material, but with
Mockingjay, there was so much good stuff , we had to rack our brains to keep it all contained within 3 minutes,” says
Shervin Youssefian, creative director at Spot On Media.

After surviving the Quarter Quell, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) finds herself in the bunkers beneath District 13 where
a rebellion against President Snow is brewing. Soon Katniss will
find herself at the center of this epic revolution to overthrow Snow’s government.

Mockingjay: Part 1


Commercial Shoot at Fire Station 27!

Last week, Spot On Media shot a commercial for Life Alert at a Los Angeles fire station. The cast and crew had a blast. Not only were some of us lucky enough to ride in one of their trucks, but we also got to slide down the fire station pole.

Spot On Media LA
A view from the back of one of the very impressive fire trucks at the Fire Station in Hollywood.
Spot On Media | Commercial Production for Life Alert
Hanging up your coat after a day’s work
Spot On Media | Commercial Production for Life Alert
Our actors taking a snack break from saving lives.

The scenes we shot portrayed the everyday heroism of firefighters who are always available and ready to keep us safe.

Spot On Media | Commercial Production for Life Alert
Shooting a scene in which firemen respond to a Life Alert pendant alarm to help a woman that has fallen.

It’s always fun to film a commercial in new and exciting locations, and our cast and crew had a wonderful time working in a new environment and learning from real life firemen about what it takes to save lives.

Our beautiful cast and crew at Fire Station 27 in Hollywood!

And if any of us “fell and couldn’t get up,” at least we were at the best place for that.

A very special THANK YOU to the Los Angeles Fire Department for their help!

Make sure to keep an eye out for our Life Alert commercial, coming soon!